Digital signatures build trust

Use optional third-party applications to incorporate digital signatures within the document management system.

Digital signatures build trust in electronic documents and document processes. The added level of security with digital signatures raises confidence that content has not been altered and verifies the authenticity of information.

For example, DocuSign technology establishes authenticity and integrity of digital signatures. Users can digitally sign documents with secure, globally verifiable digital signatures that prove signer's identity, intent, and the document's content integrity.

Adobe’s encryption technology and public key infrastructure (PKI) support enable enterprises to exchange documents electronically with verification of the signer's digital identity and assurance that information has not been altered.

How digital signatures can help

  • Digitally sign documents and record approvals electronically.
  • Automate document-driven business processes without printing or using paper.
  • Validate and audit digital signature history.
  • Increase accountability and control over paperless processes.

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