Email management software reduces risk

Manage email records with email management software that maintains email messages and attachments in a controlled document management system.

Email is the preferred form of communication at most businesses today, and effective email management is a critical step so these important business records can be shared, saved, and secured much like other important business documents. Email records are also coming under increasing regulatory scrutiny, for example with e-Discovery. This makes email management all the more important for reducing risk.

With people on average receiving over 80 email messages a day, an automated approach to email management is needed.

What is email management?

Email management tools, including Email Archive and Email Rules, improve regulatory compliance, email recovery, business continuity planning, and make it easier to share messages among project team members and work groups. Unified with document management, email management provides a comprehensive approach that combines email communications with all other document types in a single, searchable, location.

Email management software for eDiscovery, email archiving, and more

There are many reasons to consider implementing an email management system. In certain circumstances, email must be captured for regulatory requirements or compliance. Even when it is not required, capturing email and managing it in unified system with related files and documents has advantages. For example, with projects where multiple people need access to all related project information and communications. Also, email management improves the ability to recover information later, for example when a project team member changes. Email management incorporates the ability to:

  • Automate email capture, email storage, and archiving
  • Reinforce email management policies and best-practices
  • Support regulatory compliance for email management, such as eDiscovery
  • Apply security and auditing to email management
  • Organize and automate actions based on content of email messages
  • Unify email management with records management and workflow automation.

Email management capabilities

Email storage

Email messages are captured and secured in an email archive that supports search and message retrieval for compliance, and email storage for disaster recovery.


eDiscovery is aided by email threading, de-duplication, and the ability to quickly package email messages using document delivery technology.

Email collaboration

Email communications are organized and easily shared among project team members, new and replacement employees, as well as between staff and managers.

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