Find files instantly with document search software

Instant document search and retrieval is made possible by full-text indexing the contents of documents, including scanned paper documents.

Benefits of instant document search

With information workers spending as much as two hours a day searching for the information they need to do their jobs, fast document search software offers significant business advantages. Customers are more satisfied when their document-related questions are answered immediately; Business decisions that depend on a gathering of all the facts are more accurate when all the necessary documents are found; And, the risk of misfiling and losing documents is lessened by the ability to search and retrieve documents based on the actual contents of files.

Document searching is simplified by the process of making all documents full-text searchable. Even the content of scanned paper documents, faxes, and emails can be made fully-text searchable. Image-based scans and faxes are made searchable using optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

Easy, fast document searching

  • Full-text search Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, scanned image documents, emails, faxes, and more
  • Search by content, version, metadata, and more
  • Save document searches for repeatable document retrieval

How document search software works

Search consoles provide a means for searching documents and files in a document management system. For example, Document Locator's search options include standard searching, advanced seaching, the ability to create custom searches of content and metadata (profile information about files), document searching from within a personal myDL interface, the ability to save and share saved searches, and the ability to perform document searches from within other applications.

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