How HR Document Management Keeps Employee Files Organized at A Leading Retailer

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This HR Document Management Case Study reveals how Vallarta Supermarkets saves time filing and organizing HR records, and has gained the flexibility to change other HR systems while maintaining file organization.

Vallarta Supermarkets, with 50 locations across southern California, has solved its dilemma of spending too much time searching for HR files in order to comply with internal and external audits. Document Locator’s HR Document Management solution has helped the company save time in filing and organizing their HR records equivalent to one full-time employee.

According to Vallarta’s Human Resources Director, James Lodenquia, “Document Locator pays for itself every day in the time-savings.”

Vallarta used to manage employee records in filing cabinets. Their paper-based processes were inefficient and did not provide the level of control over sensitive information that was needed. Now, files are managed consistently, and missing or misplaced records are no longer an issue. Staff can find documents in seconds verses the hours they would sometimes have had to spend in the past.

Synchronization with Vallarta’s timekeeping system means that new employee records are added to the HR file system automatically, and terminated employee records are moved automatically to an archive. The ability to store files separately, but in sync with other HR systems, allowed for a smooth transition when Vallarta later switched their timekeeping system. This flexibility was just one more advantage of the HR file management system detailed in a case study.

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