HR Onboarding

Welcome new employees with an organized HR onboarding process.

Make the best first impressions during onboarding with an onboarding process that is supported by automated workflow in the HR document management system.

HR onboarding can be a challenge, especially when processes rely on paper onboarding checklists or decentralized electronic information. Eliminate manual onboarding checklists and use workflow-enabled onboarding software to make sure employees have supplies, space, and materials ready when they arrive.

Efficiently and electronically route onboarding tasks to the right people, at the right time. Workflow automation in the system defines and automates employee onboarding tasks. Alerts inform staff of necessary actions, and everyone is made aware. Electronic forms convert paper based onboarding into a paper free, streamlined affair.

You have complete visibility into onboarding processes, allowing you to monitor tasks and make sure they are completed on time.

HR Onboarding system

  • Workflow with email notifications automates the onboarding process, informing people of necessary preparations and tracking their progress.
  • Procedures are defined in the onboarding system, eliminating the need for paper onboarding checklists and manual to-do’s or reminders.
  • Welcome new employees with working email accounts, phones in operation, desks ready to use, and an experience that will set them on a path to success!

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