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Document Notifications Feature

Notifications keep people informed.

Communication and collaboration among people is a cornerstone of team-based productivity. Standard notification and approval features in Document Locator® drive teamwork by keeping members informed about document changes, tracking progress of changes and reviews, and automatically routing documents for review and approval.

Individuals can subscribe to folder- and file-based events and be notified when records are deleted, imported to folders, updated, checked out or checked in, copied, renamed, and more. Users can self-subscribe or be notified through administrator-managed subscriptions. Notifications can be received via email, a built-in messages folder, or both. Popup notifications can also be turned on to display messages in the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Users are notified of changes to the contents of a folder or changes in a document.
  • Uses both internal and email-based notification messages.
  • Saves and reuses approval processes to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Notifications and approvals are accessible via both the desktop client and the Web client.
  • Notifications and approvals can include multiple documents.
  • Notification templates can be customized with logos, confidentiality statements, legal messaging and more.
  • Manual, ad-hoc notifications inform users that changes have occurred in a specific document.

Document Locator saves us 20 hours every week by flagging missing items and, with its notifications and approvals features, helps us stay on track by automatically sending the documents to the doctors and notifying us that we have approved documentation ready to go to billing."

David Dooley
Mississippi Valley Surgery

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