HR recruitment file management

Centralize applicant records and speed recruitment and selection with HR recruitment software.

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of HR recruitment processes with centralized applicant file management in the HR document management system.

Electronic and digitized paper applicant records are organized, secure, and searchable in the applicant file tracking system. Related email messages are also captured. Shared access allows multiple recruiters to support candidates efficiently. Everyone on the HR team has access to all the information they need to make faster, smarter hiring decisions.

Automated filing and workflow frees recruiters from paper-based, manual processes and allows them to focus more time finding the best candidates. Templates for offer letters and outgoing communications are managed as well, with review and approval procedures that maintain consistency.

Applicant file management

  • Applicant records and email communications are organized and centrally stored so HR staff have immediate access to files when hiring employees.
  • Offer letters, templates and notifications are consistent and approved, helping to speed up the applicant review process.
  • Recruiters spend less time organizing paperwork, and more time identifying the best candidates.

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