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Retain and manage HR records to remain compliant with regulation, industry standards, and records policies.

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Records management and document retention is a challenging task for all organizations, regardless of size. Records must be captured, classified, secured, and managed according to retention policies. As your organization grows, so do the complexities involved with HR records management and HR file retention. Document Locator's HR document management system includes employee record retention capabilities so you can take control of HR records policies and build rules directly into the system. This reinforces compliance while easing the management of HR files in the system.

Human Resources records and processes that are governed by regulation, industry standards, and records policies must be properly managed to avoid financial liability and risk. In Document Locator, rules are established to meet your compliance requirements. Setting HR file retention rules allow you to remain compliant while automating administrative overhead. You can apply retention policies to HR records automatically, as well as on a file by file basis, with just a few clicks.

Automate employee record retention

When your HR files are in filing cabinets or on a shared network drive, it takes a great deal of time and effort to locate and manually review documents when retention periods have expired. In Document Locator, files are electronic and secure, and HR records are easily searchable. HR record retention policies built into the system notify HR managers when records are about to expire and inform people what actions are required. In addition, the system can protect important HR files against destruction when necessary, such as in the case of litigation.

Connect with HR systems to streamline record retention

A connection with your HRIS or Payroll system keeps employee records in sync with their current status. As employee status changes occur, records are updated. For example, when an employee separates from the organization, HR records policies can be applied automatically, and files moved to an archive for secure storage. Notifications keep you informed when files need to be reviewed.

Stay informed with HR records reports

Reports in Document Locator keep you informed, maintaining your visibility throughout the HR records management lifecycle. You can monitor when new employee records are added and when they are removed, the status of separated employee files, and more. A complete audit log tracks all changes that occur.

Manage HR records and retention policies

  • Manage retention of HR records and create HR records policies
  • Receive records notifications when actions are required
  • Automate HR file retention in compliance with requirements
  • Easily find records that fall under Human Resources record retention requirements
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