Offboarding and employee separation

Manage records for efficient offboarding and employee separation procedures.

As employees transition away, records must be properly managed and the processes surrounding employee separation kept organized. HR document management automates important records management procedures, ensuring that files are categorized and records policies are applied from the point of offboarding.

Workflow streamlines communications so that important offboarding procedures are followed. Integration with the HRIS system keeps employee records in sync with their status. As employees turnover, files are updated and moved for proper record keeping.

Workflow notifications automate offboarding checklists, alerting key individuals of actions needed when an employee leaves. For example, notifications can inform payroll to process final paychecks, instruct operations to remove building access, and let IT staff know they need to deactivate access to computers and network systems.

Employee separation and records management

  • Former employee files are properly identified, categorized, and filed for retention according to records policies.
  • Key people in departments across the organization are notified of separation tasks, safeguarding property and knowledge.
  • You have awareness over offboarding processes from start to finish with reporting tools and a clear view of employee actions.

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