Easy filing in a digital file cabinet

Eliminate paper and get rid of filing cabinets by placing files in a virtual online digital file cabinet.

Intelligent digital filing software

Capture scanned paper documents and digital files on your computer and eliminate the hassles of filing cabinets and shared folders. Everything is organized in an easy-to-use software+cloud system.

In two steps, Scan and Save

Paper documents are captured and, and important metadata values collected. Auto naming and filing keeps everything organized. Full-text searching and Windows-based folder navigation makes it easy to find files again later when you need them.

Document Management Integration

Easy access right inside Windows

Familiar Windows navigation is combined with trouble-free cloud hosting.

  • Scan directly to Document Locator
  • Automatic naming and filing
  • Fully text searchable
  • Files are stored in the cloud

Digital document management with easy navigation right inside Windows

Search, preview, versioning, and tablet access… all included

The powerful Document Locator document management system provides everything from full-text searching, to automated version control. A preview pane lets you see what’s inside files before they are open. Plus, you can use a tablet or smartphone to get files while you are on the go.

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