Improve distribution with Warehouse Document Management

Manage forms, certificates, and other critical warehouse documentation electronically.

Warehouse information management, everything from logistics and freight forwarding, to inventory management, to wholesale distribution, all benefit from effective document management. Most processes involve paperwork, and Document Locator transforms the paper trail into a unified system that electronically manages forms, certificates, and other critical warehouse documentation.

A faster warehouse

Warehouse document management speeds the retrieval and access of paper documents, so that staff can answer questions faster and warehouse inventory can move quicker. In accounting, immediate access to files supports faster billing.

Import export compliance

Maintaining valid certificates, and complying with regulatory controls, requires a keen monitoring of deadlines, expiration dates, and other warehouse document milestones. Records management tools and reminders help automate the process for renewals and re-certifications, so people stay informed before it is too late.

Invoice automation speed accounts payable

Turn paper-based invoice processing into an organized and structured paperless system. Invoices are quickly converted into the digital system, routed for approval, and readied for processing. Fast turn around improves cash flow.

Benefits of warehouse document management

  • Convert and manage warehouse documents to full-text searchable digital format.
  • Organize documents according any number and combination of metadata, from SKU, to certificate, to customer ID.
  • Dramatically increase the retrieval efficiency of paper warehouse records to speed up warehouse operations and back-office efficiency.

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