Law offices and legal department document management

Attorneys and staff have instant access to paperless files in the office from any location using document management software for legal.

Manage forms, pleadings, case files, contracts, and other client and law firm documents electronically so staff and attorneys have instant access to legal records from any location. Document Locator manages legal documents and other documentation in a legal document management system where information is easily retrieved and secure.

All the tools necessary for the creation of legal documents, the storage and management of legal documents, and the secure accessibility of information for decisioning, legal research, and legal review are available in an easy-to-use windows-based system.

Secure, accessible legal document repository

Apply security settings to determine who has access to information, and log activity to record and view document actions. Electronic approval processes streamline contract development and the creation of other legal documents. Files in the legal document management system are full-text searchable and can be retrieved on demand. An optional Web interface even makes it possible to access files from outside the office.

Legal records management

Apply records policies to legal documents to manage the review process for contractual deadlines and legal obligations. Receive notifications, and automate document actions.

Legal research

Quickly perform simple searches or custom, complex searches to research and review legal documents for important decisioning matters. Correlate information based on content and metadata.

Benefits of legal document management

  • Index files by client, case, or any other classification
  • Search and retrieve documents instantly based on content and metadata
  • Establish review processes for contracts and legal documents
  • Include email records with legal documents and files
  • Provide optional remote access to individuals outside the office

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