Microsoft Windows document management

Built-in Microsoft Windows document management functions make everything familiar and easy to use.

Document Locator seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Tight Microsoft integration makes using Document Locator intuitive and easy to use. You can access document management functions right from within the familiar applications you already use on a daily basis.

Microsoft Windows Explorer integration

Document Locator's Windows interface keeps users in a familiar and comfortable folder-based work environment. The primary navigation is built into Microsoft Windows Explorer and the Windows Desktop. The integration appears to users as an additional Explorer node, similar to a mapped shared drive.

Benefits of Windows document management

  • Quick User Adoption: Document Locator is built into Windows Explorer.
  • Easy Navigation: Familiar tree and folder navigation.
  • Functional and Efficient: Frequently used functions are located in right-click menus.

Microsoft Office integration

Integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 (desktop edition) applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, and PowerPoint allows users to simply right-click on any file or document, or use the standard file menu, to apply document management operations. Microsoft ribbon integration keeps users within familiar applications where they can easily check-out or check in files, add version notes, send notifications and more.

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