Integrate document management with other systems

Unify information management across systems with Document Locator's flexible integration options.

Flexible integration options make it easy to connect files in Document Locator with other business systems across the enterprise, connecting documents and files with their related records in other software applications. This eliminates silos of information from forming in different departments or within line-of-business applications.

Three ways to integrate document management


Search and retrieve files in the document management system without ever leaving another software application. PowerSearch technology allows you to simply click on a field inside other applications like accounting systems, CRMs, ERPs, or project management applications, and instantly search and retrieve related files.

ODBC Dynamic Properties

Universal connections with other software applications and databases is possible using Document Locator’s ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) Dynamic Properties. Build dynamic list properties that associate values from within accounting systems, CRM, ERP, and other systems directly with files stored in the document management system and maintain consistency in how files are categorized.

SDK-API Integration

Fully-customizable, bi-directional integrations connect document management with virtually any software application using the Document Locator SDK-API. Actions like file import, check-in and check-out, workflow, view, search, and more are supported. Our SDK-API is fully supported with documentation, knowledge support, and expert professional services.