Full-text indexing

Lightning fast search and retrieval is made possible by full-text indexing of the contents of files.

Instantly search the content of files in Document Locator using full-text index technology.

By leveraging the Microsoft Search Service in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server and iFilter technology, Document Locator’s full-text index automatically records the complete contents of documents as files arrive in the system. For each file, all unique words are captured in the text index. This speeds search and retrieval of files in the system. When a search is performed, the search engine queries against the text index values to rapidly search and identify content across a wide variety of document types.

Files are searched using one of several document search tools, including quick search, advanced search, and My DL search. Full text searches on content as well as searching on metadata tags are possible.

How full-text indexing works

  • Full text indexing occurs as a background process and only consumes server resources when they are available, ensuring rapid server response for users.
  • Text indexing of unique words and phrases into a SQL database table makes searching across thousands of files nearly instantaneous.
  • TIFF image OCR technology allows full text searching of scanned and electronic fax documents (using an optional TIFF iFilter)

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