SharePoint document management

Add advanced document management capabilities within a Microsoft SharePoint environment.

The optional SharePoint document management connector for Document Locator supports seamless integration of enterprise-class document management capabilities within SharePoint, without the need for custom development. The connection extends the availability of full-featured document management to SharePoint users, making advanced functions accessible from within portal sites.

Functional Web-portal for advanced document management

  • Access Document Locator’s functions via the Microsoft SharePoint interface on corporate intranets and extranets.
  • Leverage Microsoft SharePoint investment for added document management, records management, document imaging, workflow and collaboration capabilities.
  • Incorporate Document Locator access from a single interface with other business applications and document libraries.
  • View combined Document Locator and SharePoint search results from a single search function.

SharePoint document management connector options

The SharePoint document management connector supports integration with certain Microsoft Office SharePoint platforms in these ways:

SharePoint Document Management Web Part

The SharePoint Document Management Web Part allows you to place a portlet on any SharePoint page for integrated access to Document Locator. Using the SharePoint Web Part, users can browse repository files and perform most document management functions, including:

  • Display and access all documents in repositories.
  • Display a project's folder hierarchy, allowing users to navigate into the folder structure.
  • Display “saved search,” allowing search result views to be customized to a portal’s audience.

Federated SharePoint Search

Combines search results from Document Locator with SharePoint so that a single search will return results from both SharePoint document libraries and Document Locator repositories.

Document Content Management

Publish documents such as HR policies, work procedures, or any other managed file in Document Locator direct to SharePoint for others to have access. Groups or departments with specialized or unique document control requirements can manage information according to requirements, while easily publishing approved, final files to SharePoint users.

SharePoint Document Management Repository

Allows users to collaborate on documents in their native SharePoint environment and then reassign them to Document Locator for management in the enterprise repository.