Scalable document management software.

Document Locator® is a scalable document management system that can expand to match the information management needs of your organization over time. Flexibly manage and add users, add repositories, scale and upgrade hardware, and control information processes without interrupting availability.

Leveraging Microsoft SQL technology.

Proven performance and affordability of Microsoft SQL Server provides a stable, reliable foundation for Document Locator. With millions of installed sites worldwide and first-place achievements in multiple comparison studies, Microsoft SQL Server has a well-earned reputation as a proven enterprise database solution for all application needs.

Best-in-class design specification and development minimizes memory consumption, processor requirements, data transfer, and hard drive consumption on both the server and client side. Among the technologies employed are: disconnected record-sets, cyclic redundancy checks, low-level data transfers, memory caching, stored procedures, optimized queries, and more. As business requirements expand, Document Locator scales through hardware component upgrades including memory, processor speeds, number of processors, back-end storage facilities, network bandwidth, etc.

  • Utilizes industry-standard TCP/IP or Named Pipes networking protocols.
  • Multiple repositories can be installed on different servers.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is proven to have the lowest total cost of ownership of any enterprise database application.
  • Database connectivity is provided by Microsoft’s Data Access Layer (MDAC 2.8) and SQL Server APIs.
  • Provides comprehensive security and auditing at the application level and employs a "single-blind" security architecture at the database level.
  • Permits Windows NT Authentication which allows Document Locator users to be deactivated at the Domain level.
  • Can store and manage individual files up to 2 GB in size.
  • Files are stored inside of a SQL Server database, presenting administrators a single backup / recovery environment.