Access files online in a Web browser

Get files from any location online via the Internet with companion Web and Mobile access options.

Optional WebTools and WebTools Mobile make it easy to access files in the document management system online. Users can search and retrieve documents from any location over the Internet in a Web browser on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. You decide what information and level of access is available to users.

WebTools offers document remote access in a browser

Employees, vendors, customers, and people working outside the office can gain full access to information via the Web using WebTools. The WebTools browser interface looks similar to the desktop client experience, and provides most of the Document Locator features and capabilities that are provided in the desktop version. Users can modify and check in documents, participate in workflows, send and receive notifications, and more. Security controls who has access and what information is accessible.

WebTools Mobile on a tablet or smart phone

People outside the office can view information or retrieve documents using WebTools Mobile. Everyone can search and retrieve documents on a self-serve basis, as well as receive notifications. WebTools Mobile is optimized for finger-friendly navigation on smart phones and small-screen tablets.

Benefits of online access

  • Provides secure document access for employees working remotely, or external partners, customers or vendors.
  • Allows users outside the company to participate in workflow procedures.
  • Offers the familiar Microsoft Windows tree-view navigation to repository folders and documents.
  • Can provide most of the functionality of the client software. Certain features and functions are available via the desktop client software only.

Self-hosted or in the Cloud

As with the entire Document Locator system, you can choose to deploy Web access yourself in a self-hosted, on-premise deployment, or you can have your entire system hosted online in the Cloud.