Create and manage PDF files

Everyone can make PDF files without the need for additional software in Document Locator.

PDF Creator is included with in Document Locator. It adds PDF (portable document format) creation inside the document management system so everyone can have easy and inexpensive PDF production and publication. The integrated PDF Creator feature allows you to convert any document to PDF, and then share it, save it, or publish it.

  • Convert any document to a PDF file.
  • Merge a group of documents into a single PDF file.
  • Email any document as a PDF file.
  • Import documents from anywhere as PDF files.
  • Maintain original source document and converted PDF version in a single version history.
  • Check in a document and save the next version in PDF format, along with version notes, date, user, and document format.
  • Electronically approve documents for PDF publication.

Manage PDFs with Version Control

PDF Creator is fully integrated into Document Locator’s version control system. Work can be done in a document's native file format and then (during document check-in) you have the option to save the file in PDF format as the next version. Using Document Locator’s PDF Creator with version control, you can easily:

  • Manage PDF file versions.
  • Track version number, author, version notes, Profile Properties, and date.
  • Administer PDF approval policies.

Adobe integration

Document Locator also supports integration with Adobe Acrobat for management of PDF files - including digital signatures - within the document management system. Users can check-in and check-out documents from within Adobe Acrobat and Reader using Document Locator file options located in the Acrobat menu.

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