Your own personal access using My DL

View tasks, participate in workflows, search globally across repositories, and run reports all from the personalized access in My DL.

MyDL offers a convenient way to accomplish the most frequent tasks in Document Locator. It's a personal access point, and a standard component included with desktop acess.

Features of My DL

  • Access My DL from the Start menu or directly from within windows in the DL Toolbar.
  • Search globally across multiple document repositories.
  • Select the repositories to search, and choose the search criteria to search by (full-text content, filename, metadata values, descriptions, version notes, and more.
  • Preview files inside My DL before opening.
  • View file details, including properties, record policies, and more.

Global search

Search across repositories and find files related but stored in separate areas. Global search in My DL makes it possible to find information in a single search, regardless of which repositories files are located.

Choose the repositories you wish to include in a single, federated search. Search by file content, property values , filenames, descriptions, version notes, and workflow comments. Security limits search activity to only those areas where users are authorized.

The most common tasks

My DL is a one-stop location for many of the most common activities in Document Locator. In addition to search, anyone can access their own list of quick view items:

  • Last 30 days files
  • Last 30 documents
  • Checked-out documents
  • Workflow documents
  • Reports
  • Tasks
  • Messages