Document management on tablets and smartphones

Access files on-the-go on mobile devices and tablets with the DL Mobile companion for Document Locator.

Wherever your work takes you, DL Mobile extends your ability to reach files in your document management system on tablets and mobile smart phones devices.

  • DL Mobile is included with WebTools Web access.
  • A self-hosted solution, you can provide secure access to files on mobile devices.
  • Developed in HTML5, it supports access on nearly all mobile and tablet systems, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices.

Your office is online for mobile users

Employees, vendors, customers, and anyone you authorize can work on the road while accessing files and performing certain collaborative steps using the mobile interface.

  • Open and view files, PDF’s, emails, and more
  • Search file content, perform advanced searching, and use saved searches
  • Send and receive notifications
  • Participate in and approve workflow steps

Web access options

As part of the WebTools family of Web-accessible options for Document Locator, DL Mobile is an optional Web interface that provides "beyond-the-firewall" access to the document management system. Unlike a hosted solution, repositories stay on-site so you maintain control over information. You decide who has what level of access, and to which information.