Electronic forms for easy forms processing

Make electronic forms and capture form-based information for automated, advanced processing using eForms with document management.

The optional addition of PerfectApps makes it easy to create electronic forms of all types, from the simple to the sophisticated, and automate forms-based procedures in Document Locator. Information is conveniently captured directly from users, eliminating all need for manual data entry or scanning later on. Everything is imported directly into the system and can be used to kick-off document form-driven workflows.
  • Build and deploy electronic forms to capture information
  • Automate form-based business processes
  • Make simple or sophisticated forms without knowing any HTML or writing any code

Easy form building

  • Create forms with an easy "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) form builder
  • Drag and drop individual form objects to create custom forms
  • Embed video, captcha, and other form objects
  • Design forms with logos, images, and colors to reflect your own brand
  • Publish forms online or internally

Electronic forms and document management

Capturing form submissions directly into document management multiplies the advantages of electronic forms processing. Once a form entry is submitted, form data can be used to automatically generate a PDF file - a permanent record inside the document management system. The file can be searched, placed into workflows, managed according records policies for compliance, and more.

  • Capture form data directly in Document Locator
  • Render form data as PDF files, creating a permanent record in the document management system
  • Search and retrieve PDF form submission files
  • Route form submission files in automated workflows for document-style reviews and approvals
  • Manage form submission files according to records policies, in compliance with regulations and audit controls
  • View reports and monitor form submissions and form processing workflows

Sample Forms

PerfectApps Add-On

The standard optional PerfectApps add-on includes PerfectApps Forms Generator Workstation Server with unlimited form submitters and two form administrators. Additional PerfectApps add-ons are available for extra form administrators, forms web signatures, attachments in notifications (maximum three attachments in each message), and mobile form design.