Quickly categorize files using Document Profiler

Make document processing a breeze using the built-in Document Profiler tool to quickly catagorize files with metadata facts.

See the contents of files and index them with metadata (facts about the files) on a single screen using Document Locator's Document Profiler tool. Advanced options let you automatically place files in workflows, send notifications, auto-name files, and save files to new locations in the document management system as they are being processed.

Document Profiler is designed for high volume importing and recurring business procedures where incoming files need to be processed into the system.

Document Profiler features

  • Side-by-side file preview and metadata entry.
  • Advanced processing options including workflow, notifications, auto-naming, and file-saving.
  • Improve file processing for repeatable operations like AP processing.
  • Import large volumes of documents into the system, and categorize files later as time and resources are available.

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