A detailed audit log

A complete audit trail is captured in Document Locator, recording a history of changes and actions that occur.

An audit trail records a complete record of changes and actions that take place on files in Document Locator. A detailed log for each document can track all events that have occurred.

Administrators configure document logging to record actions against files and folders, or tailor logging to record specific actions against a subset of files. The logging history includes events like identifying users who have viewed a document, what notes were recorded during a check-in process, information about approvals, and more.

Benefits of audit logging

  • Provides administrators a complete audit trail of a document’s history.
  • Provides data to support quality and compliance requirements.
  • Tracks both user attempts and successes to perform specific actions.
  • Log entries are not user-editable, protecting the integrity of audit information.
  • Customizable and configurable at the action level and at the folder/file level to provide only the information you choose.
  • Document log details can be viewed, sorted, grouped, exported to Microsoft Excel, and printed for processing and reporting.
  • Track global changes to administration tools.
  • Automatic auditing of core system tools with easy reporting of changes.

Audit logging and document management

Auditing can be set at the directory, folder, or document level to track actions on documents and unauthorized attempts to view secured data. You can customize and configure the audit log settings to capture only the information you choose.

  • Meets standards for regulatory compliance (ISO, HIPAA, SOX, FDA, etc.)
  • Limits access to sensitive information as required by compliance policies or regulations.
  • The document log displays view, check out/check-in, import and workflow histories and identifies who made changes and when they were made.
  • The security audit log provides detailed information on all established audited activity.
  • The workflow history audit log provides a view of all workflow information that is either complete, cancelled, terminated or in progress.
  • Version history allows for view and edit access to previous versions of the same file.

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