Document workflow automation

Automate and improve business processes with built-in document workflow software that is included with Document Locator.

Workflow automates document-centric processes, improving the efficiency and repeatability of operations.

Document Locator includes integrated workflow software that comes standard with the system and is easily configurable. Routing and management options can be customized to meet the needs of specific business processes. The customizable step functions in the workflow manager enable modeling and automation of even the most complex business processes.

Administrators and users can quickly create, manage, and reuse document workflows with sophisticated events and processes. For example, workflows can be configured to drive any number of parallel or serial process steps, they can include conditional steps, they can assign alternate users to task steps, and they can be managed across a team environment.

Business process management

Workflow improves the efficiency of business operations by standardizing and optimizing procedures. It is an essential component of business process management (BPM), which involves managing processes as the means for improving business performance. Once configured in the system, workflows can be monitored in reports to maintain performance and for continuous improvement.

Document Workflow features

  • Yes / No decisioning supports conditional workflow branches based on value.
  • Time-out events notify or reassign tasks based on schedule.
  • Quality control points allow users to review a defined sample of workflow instances.
  • Team-based workflows permit any team member to complete a workflow step.
  • Custom process actions integrate and interact with third-party systems.
  • Manual process steps allow for scheduled pauses or non-system actions (e.g. to provide instruction for operations like mailing).
  • Role-based workflow security prevents unauthorized access to events.
  • Notifications and schedule reminders occur via email and/or Document Locator.
  • Configure folder level user and group defaults for workflow steps.
  • Initiate custom actions for unique processes.
  • Generate workflow diagrams and integrate with Microsoft Visio.
  • Customize notification templates with company or client logos, confidentiality statements, legal messaging, and more.
  • Include delegation options in workflows to add process flexibility.
  • Further enhances Records Management and Event Subscriptions with standard internal and customizable server-side and client-side actions.

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