AutoCAD project file management

Manage drawings and project documents in a unified system for project files.

Manage drawings together with related project documents, files, and communications in a unified project document management system. An intuitive integration with Autodesk AutoCAD allows you to:

  • Manage project files, including drawings, image files, X-Refs, and other documents with a master-dependent file relationship.
  • Use Title Block values and other drawing attributes to categorize files
  • Improve collaboration with version notes, notifications, and requests for approval on check-in.
  • Use AutoCAD drawing Title Block values to profile drawings on import.

Document Locator includes Profile Properties designed specifically for use with AutoCAD drawing files. When applied to AutoCAD drawings on import, these special Properties read the information embedded in a drawing file’s title block and uses it to profile the file in Document Locator. In addition to capturing OLE Property values from the title block, these Profile Properties can also capture: Hyperlink Base, Project Name, Revision Number, Last Saved By (user), and Total Editing Time.

AutoCAD Integration features

  • Common document management commands are available from within Autodesk AutoCAD.
  • Save an AutoCAD drawing to a repository
  • View an AutoCAD drawing in a repository
  • Check drawings in and out, and undo check-outs
  • View a drawing’s document properties
  • Update a drawing’s profiling information

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