Reseller Program

Document Management Reseller Program

Document Locator is a valuable addition to your products and services.

If you have customers that need document management and your firm is experienced with software sales and technical support, then a reseller arrangement may be ideal. Resellers offer Document Locator in conjunction with their own technology to bring innovative solutions to market. You maintain a close working relationship with the customer throughout the implementation and support lifecycle.

Document Locator can be sold as stand-alone product alongside your other product offerings, or with optional integrations that connect document management with the other software solutions you provide.

Document management adds value

  • Gain a competitive advantage by offering document management alongside your solutions
  • Provide customers with value-added support and services
  • Maintain a direct relationship with customers throughout their lifecycle, from purchase through ongoing maintenance and support

VAR Integration Options

Flexible integration options backed by a powerful SDK-API deliver a broad range of document management capabilities with other applications. There are three ways to connect Document Locator with other systems:


Customers can search and retrieve files in the document management system by clicking on a field inside other applications like accounting systems, CRMs, ERPs, and instantly retrieve related files.

ODBC Dynamic Properties

Dynamic list properties that associate values from within other systems with files stored in the document management system are possible using Document Locator’s ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) Dynamic Properties.

SDK-API Integration

Fully-customizable, bi-directional integrations that connect document management with virtually any software application are possible using the Document Locator SDK-API, which supports actions like file import, check-in and check-out, workflow, view, search, and more.

How to become a Document Locator reseller

A reseller agreement for Document Locator adds value to your existing offerings and differentiates your services for a strong competitive advantage. Flexible licensing options are available to match your pricing structure. Contact us to learn more about document management reseller options.

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