Version control software captures every change

A revision history of every change that occurs is recorded automatically with version control software.

The nature of documents, and the fact that most documents are not static, means that content often changes over time. Document life cycles include everything from collaborative development, to review and approval cycles, to revisions, and so on.

Version control software standardizes and automates the method for capturing version information, so a complete history is retained and all information is readily available. The costs of recreating lost information or making decisions without all knowledge in prior document versions are eliminated.

Version control software replaces ad-hoc file versioning

Replacing ad-hoc methods that rely on individuals for accuracy, such as file-naming schemes, with a systematic and automated approach to capture document versions eliminates errors, confusion, and lost file histories. Ad-hoc versioning relies on individuals to make subjective decisions about how to indicate a version. Version control software automatically versions a file, including sub-versions, and records and a history of actions performed on a document. Version control also makes it clear which document is the most current and approved versions. All prior versions are readily retrievable, and document activities are recorded in document audit-trail log for review and regulatory compliance.

Benefits of version control software

  • Version control is automated, replacing ad-hoc and user-defined schemes.
  • Document version control is applied consistently across all files.
  • Version control records a complete document life-cycle history.
  • Version, sub-version, version promotion, activity history, and more.
  • Microsoft Windows-integrated versioning makes it easy for people to use.

How version control software helps

Version control improves regulatory compliance by supporting an auditable history of document content and actions over time, and it also reduces the likelihood of disputes or disagreements over past versions and approvals. Where groups of people are sharing and collaborating on documents, version control maintains order. Everyone's changes are captured.

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