Online document management hosted in the cloud

Online document management makes it possible to access documents and files online, securely, from anywhere in the world over the Internet.

Employees, customers, vendors; anyone you authorize can have access to files in an online document management system.

Online document management choices

There are several variations of online document management to consider. The system can be entirely hosted in the cloud, or a more traditional on-premise solution can offer on-site managed Web access. People outside the office can access files via a Web browser, or in the case of software + cloud, they may access documents via the Internet within their Windows-integrated software.

Browser-based online document management

The interface of a browser-based online document management system provides users with familiar navigation and controls that allow people to search, retrieve, upload, and share files. Browser based access does not require the installation of additional software.

Software + Cloud online document management

With software + cloud, document management software is installed on users' computers. However, the files they access in the online document management system are stored in the cloud. The interface for accessing files is built right into the user's Windows Explorer interface.

How to provide online document management

There are two methods for providing access to files in an online document management system. One is to have the entire system hosted in the cloud. This method reduces the cost and overhead needed to manage a system on-site, however it requires the added expense of hosting services. The second method is to provide your own method of accessing files stored locally on your servers, via the Internet. This self-hosted option allows people to access files via a Web-browser. This method provides the best of both remote access capabilities as well on-site control of information.

Benefits of online document management

Online document management offers a secure way to build collaboration and knowledge sharing among people at different locations. People inside the office, as well as well as those outside traveling, working from home, or at satellite office locations, can all securely access and share files and information.

The ability for people to have self-service access to information they need - anytime, anywhere - reduces the need for people in the office to respond to requests for information. For example, employees who are traveling no longer need to call on people in the office to ask for documents to be emailed or shipped; authorized clients can self-retrieve project information without the assistance of company employees; or vendors can self-submit invoices or forms without email or needing to use complicated FTP sites.

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