Document storage software eliminates paper

Convert filing cabinets and document storage boxes to digital and manage files electronically using electronic document storage software.

You can securely store and manage digitized paper documents and electronic files in an electronic document storage software system. The elimination of file storage saves space, easy access to information saves time, and the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the entire system will save you money.

How document storage software works

Document storage software eliminates the need for storing documents in filing cabinets, archive boxes, and off-site document storage warehouses. This allows you to unlock valuable work space and eliminate costly storage fees. Office space that is consumed by rows of filing cabinets can now be used for more productive work areas. And, money saved from document storage fees can be re-invested in other more important areas of business.

Document storage software manages both scanned paper and electronic documents. Paper scanned into the system becomes full-text searchable using OCR (optical character recognition) technology.

Full-text searching of document content after the files are in the system makes information easy to retreive. Plus, remote access options, and integrated security makes information more readily available even from outside the office, while protecting files against unauthorized access.

  • Instant search and retrieval improves efficiency.
  • Document storage software frees office space, eliminates costly off-site document storage.
  • Convert paper documents to full-text searchable files.
  • Stored documents are sharable, secure, and archived.
  • Version control and audit logging compile a history within the electronic document filing system.
  • Electronic document storage makes files available for easy backup and recovery.

Filing cabinets can't tell you who has been inside

Filing cabinets, once a great invention in the late 1800's, today lack the sophistication of modern-day document storage software, particularly when it comes to logging user activity related to files and maintaining security over access to files. Document storage software records an audit trail of every action that occurs; who has looked at a file, what they have done to a file, and when they did it. Security prevents unauthorized access by not allowing people to open and view files, and can even prevent people who are not authorized from even seeing the existance of a file. Filing cabinets and archive boxes, on the other hand, have no ability to track who has been inside, and what they have looked at. Security is only as good as the last location of the key, and more often than not, there is more than one person knows where the key is located.

A paperless alternative with document storage software

Electronic document storage is a paperless alternative with the advantage of document searching, document scanning, plus a full complement of document management features. Plus, with everything electronic, it's easier to recover files in the event of a disaster. Files stored in electronic document storage can be routinely backed-up, and recovered quickly in the event of a fire, natural disaster, or even if the sprinkler system goes off.

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