Document scanning software turns paper to paperless

Document scanning software turns paper documents into full-text searchable digital files in a paperless system that manages everything electronically.

Turn paper documents into full-text searchable digital files and manage them in a paperless document management system that incorporates advanced document scanning software. Quickly and easily apply all the tools and functions of electronic document management to hard-copy documents and previously scanned files.

Document scanning software boosts the efficiency and accuracy of paper-centric business processes by scanning paper documents and converting them to electronic format. As documents are scanned and imaged, the scanning software system can apply profiles, send notifications, and begin approval processes. Documents are immediately searchable and can be retrieved in seconds. Scanned documents can also be automatically categorized based on content within the documents, then organized for storage, or assigned with records management policies in accordance with regulatory standards.

Flexible document scanning and imaging

  • Eliminate costly off-site storage and filing cabinets
  • Add security and disaster recovery options for files
  • Speed information retrieval with instant search
  • Internalize document scanning for sensitive or regulated information, or outsource scanning when needed.
  • Automate routing, approval steps, notifications
  • Apply digital records management policies to paper documents
  • OCR (optical character recognition) turns paper into text-searchable files
  • Eliminate photocopies and duplication of paper documents
  • Log document activities for reporting and auditing

Scanning and imaging options allow documents to be scanned one-at-a-time using simple workstation scanners, or by the thousands in high-volume batch file scanning. The system integrates with any TWAIN-compliant or WIA scanner or networked digital multifunction printer (MFP).

Ways to improve business with document scanning

Wherever paper documents are used in business, document scanning software will convert the entire process to a repeatable, precise electronic procedure. Invoices can be scanned on arrival and digitally routed in AP approval steps; in-bound mail and correspondence can be captured in a digital mailroom and delivered to staff electronically; client records can be converted for fast search and easy retrieval; archives and business files can be scanned and made more readily accessible for research, collaboration, and re-use. Among the most common document scaning solutions are:

  • Backfile scanning to convert filing cabinets and storage files to digital
  • Accounts Payable invoice scanning to support electronic invoice processing and approvals
  • HR employee records scanning for security, recoverability and retrieval
  • Accounts Receivable scanning of checks and invoices
  • Business documents scanning for sharing and collaboration
  • Image scanning for markup and review

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