Improved Web access and more planned for Document Locator in 2014 (Project Rainier)

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Project Rainier

Engineers at ColumbiaSoft are busy polishing up big enhancements for Document Locator in advance of the next version release, code-named Project Rainier (and officially known as version 7.0). Anticipation is growing, especially for one new update in particular: the complete re-launch of WebTools.

WebTools is the self-hosted browser interface for Document Locator that lets users access documents in the office from anywhere in the world. The WebTools overhaul will bring an updated design and a completely new user experience. It’s built on HTML5, so it will work on browsers supporting that standard, like the latest generations of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari. It will also be touch-friendly and easy to use on tablets.

People on the road, travelling, or working in satellite offices love WebTools because they can access documents whenever they want without waiting for others back in the office to find and send them. (And, people in the office love it too when people on the road can get their own files… Nobody likes being someone else’s document retriever.) Clients, vendors and others can also access files, self-service, cutting down on the overhead of exchanging information.

WebTools v7

All-new Web access is planned for Document Locator in 2014.


More improvements

  • Security settings
    Admins in control of security in the document management system will get some new functions that make their job easier.  For instance, one update will allow admins to apply custom security templates. Another will provide for new copy and move security settings that give finer control over the operation.
  • AutoCAD integration
    The integration with Autodesk’s AutoCAD will be updated to support 32- and 64-bit across versions. Also, the design will be updated to reflect the more current look and feel of ribbon and application menus found in other add-ins, like Microsoft Office.
  • Custom right-click menus
    The ability to customize right-click menu options in Windows Explorer and MyDL are being included as well. Admins can even add custom menu commands!

Stay tuned for more news to come on a release date for version 7. Right now it is expected in the early months of 2014!

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