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Logging and Auditing

A detailed audit trail.

An audit trail logging a complete record of history is maintained in Document Locator®. Optionally, a detailed log for each and every document can track all events that have occurred on that document.

Administrators configure document logging to record system actions against every file and folder, or tailor logging to record specific actions against a subset of documents. The logging history includes such events as identifying users who have viewed a document, what notes were recorded during a check-in process, information about approvals, and more.

  • Provides administrators a complete audit trail of a document’s lifecycle, complementing the version history.
  • Provides data to support quality and compliance requirements.
  • Tracks both user attempts and successes to perform specific actions.
  • Document log entries are not user-editable, protecting the integrity of audit information.
  • Customizable and configurable at the action level and at the folder/file level to provide only the information you choose.
  • Document log details can be viewed, sorted, grouped, exported to Microsoft Excel, and printed for processing and reporting.

In a side-by-side trial among our top-two choices, we chose Document Locator because it met all our requirements and was particularly easy to set-up."

Dennis Daigger
Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office

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