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DL FastPack Document Delivery Features

Package, deliver, and archive files using DL FastPack.

Quickly organize, package, and deliver files, or archive them off-line, using the DL FastPack document delivery feature. Administrators, project managers, and other users who need to save information have the ability to organize and package files, and even hand them off to people who might not be Document Locator® users.

A standard feature in Document Locator, DL FastPack makes it easy to pack-and-save information onto DVD, CD, USB flash drive, or any other media device. Files are gathered and organized into a collection window and then saved into a “FastPack” package where the folder structure is retained. Each FastPack has a self-contained browsing interface that includes a search feature to retrieve files based on profile and property metadata.

Document delivery features.

  • Package, and distribute FastPack packages of documents on CD, DVD, USB or through any connected media device.
  • Create self-contained packages of information with built-in browser so recipients can search and browse files outside of Document Locator.
  • FastPack collections retain repository metadata and folder structure.
  • Organize files, folders, searches, and projects in FastPack collections by drag-and-drop or right-click-selecting.
  • Customize FastPack launch screens using HTML to add project or client specific messaging and images.

Ways to use DL FastPack.

  • Search for relevant documents and publish them on read-only media for legal discovery or outside counsel.
  • Records managers can move documents to off-line retention.
  • Managers can distribute the latest versions of documents to employees at remote offices, to customers, or vendors.
  • Project managers can gather, organize, and deliver documents in searchable form at project turnover or close-out.
  • Individuals can archive project documents or related files.

In a side-by-side trial among our top-two choices, we chose Document Locator because it met all our requirements and was particularly easy to set-up."

Dennis Daigger
Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office

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