Microsoft Windows 7 Impact on Business

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The release of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system will positively transform how employees interact with and utilize technology in their organization.  To learn more about Windows 7 and its impact on business, I invite you to read through our multi-part blog outlining the future of business computing.   

Part 1

Corporate Adoption

Technology workers across America are certainly curious about Microsoft Windows 7.  Not since the release of Windows XP nine years ago has there been a similar buzz of excitement around a computer operating system and the potential for upgrading an organization’s fleet of computers.  

The excitement around Windows 7 is intensified by the upgrade boycott many organizations employed during the “Vista years” preferring the familiarity and comfort of Microsoft Windows XP.  The hesitation around upgrading operating systems also impacted companies’ technology buying cycles.  This relegated many employees to working with aging computers.

As Windows 7 progresses through early adopters towards Service Pack 1, companies will start in earnest to make the conversion to Windows 7.  Many will opt for purchasing new computer systems for the first time in years.  Workstations purchased to support Windows 7 will be a significant upgrade for users.  The newest line of computers include Intel’s new i7 processor with 64-bit support, increased memory, incredibly clear graphics, gigabit network cards and more.  Upgrading to Windows 7 on new computers will increase productivity with the added bonus of increasing morale.

Part 2 – up next, Examining the Hype.

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