Microsoft Windows 7 Impact on Business Part 3

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Part 3 – Managing the Output

The increase in performance in Windows 7 matched with new computer hardware provides unprecedented power to the end user.  At no point in history have ordinary users been empowered with the tools to produce the quantity and quality data that Windows 7 and Microsoft Office provides.  It’s commonplace for modern computers to be used for document publishing, digital photography, internet research, email communications, electronic scanning, graphical design and more.

The benefits of working digitally are compelling for so many reasons (environmental benefits, disaster recover, 24×7 access, security, and office space requirements), yet it comes at a cost.  As users increasingly leverage computers to generate electronic output, there is an equal increase in their requirements for properly storing and managing the content.

The problem of managing electronic content is forcing many companies to ask “how can we continue to amass endless quantities of data and keep that data fresh and relevant to our staff?”  The answer for many is Document Management.

Part 4 – up next, Productivity with Document Management

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