Document Imaging Wiki launched by eCopy

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Our friends over at eCopy sent us a link to their new Document Imaging Wiki. It’s new and just getting started, and over time it will become a more and more valuable resource for imaging-related info.

Speaking of eCopy, if you have not heard of them before or their technology, it’s worth checking out. A bit of a disclaimer here: we are eCopy document management partners, but partnership aside… their technology is just plain cool! In a nutshell, they make it easy to turn paper into digital. Real easy. So easy, in fact, it’s practically fun. With an eCopy machine on board your MFP, anyone can walk right up and quickly scan and route paper documents using an interface that is so intuitive you might think it was developed by the makers of that “other” operating system. Of course, eCopy users rely on document management companies like us for the tools they need to manage the electronic files after they have been scanned (that’s where the partner stuff comes in).

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