FIATECH – day two

Random notes:

  • Lots of talk today about ISO 15926, which is the data integration standard initiative for FIATECH. Here’s how FIATECH describes the standard: “ISO 15926 is an International Standard for the representation of lifecycle information for process plants, including oil and gas production facility. This is specified by a generic, conceptual data model that is suitable as the basis for implementation in a shared database or data warehouse.” Wikipedia adds this comment: “This title is regarded too narrow by the present ISO 15926 developers. Having developed a generic data model and Reference Data Library for process plants it turned out that this subject is already so wide, that actually any state information may be modelled with it.” This standard enables a data model for the entire lifecycle of a complex facility, including all its components, so that the owner/operator has complete information at handover. Use of a standard data model also enables sharing, transfer, and migration of data among software systems. This obviously has potential application to document management systems, especially during the operation and maintenance (O&M) phases of a facility.
  • I also caught a talk by Bruno Berti on “Visibility and Efficiency across the Project Lifecycle.” Bruno is Sr. Director of Product Management at Meridian Systems. Bruno talked about the need to extend information accumulated in the design and build phases in a useful way through the O&M phase. Later, I talked with Bruno 1:1 about how we are extending Document Locator into Prolog Manager to ensure that all documents related to a Prolog record are correctly linked and available. Since ColumbiaSoft will be exhibiting jointly with The Cram Group at the Meridian user conference in May, Bruno requested a demo of Document Locator and the Prolog Integration Module. I’m looking forward to getting his reaction.

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