A platform for knowledge management

Leverage the information assets in your organization in a Windows-based knowledge management system.

Establish a platform for knowledge management that secures the information in your organization and leverages it to the maximum value. With Document Locator, information is easily retrieved and available for re-use. People inside the office, as well as employees, vendors, or customers outside the office, can all participate.

The end of information chaos

Research has shown that a majority of business professionals spend as much as two hours a day searching for the information they need to do their work. Knowledge discovery is an essential element of business operations.

As a knowledge management system, Document Locator improves knowledge discovery by providing better organization, sharing, and usability of information.

The indexing of content combined with and flexible search capabilities dramatically speeds up research, retrieval, and re-use of information. Decisions are made faster and are based on awareness of all the relevant facts. Valuable time that might otherwise be spent searching for files in filing cabinets and shared drives is available for more productive business matters.

Benefits of knowledge management software

Information use and re-use

Easily find existing information and reuse content in project documents, reports, proposals, RFPs, RFQs, and other recurring document programs.

Business decisioning

Make fast and accurate decisions based on real-time access to all the facts, and easily correlate related files for decisions based on relevant information.

Customer service

Respond to customer and vendor inquiries on demand, or provide self-service access to information.


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