Manage risk and be prepared for e-discovery

Research, retrieve, organize, and deliver electronic records as required for critical e-discovery compliance.

Quickly research, retrieve, organize, and deliver electronic records as required for e-discovery. Electronic files, scanned paper documents, email records, and other files stored in Document Locator are easily classified, placed on legal hold, reviewed, and transferred.

Manage email for e-Discovery

Email Archive is a fully-integrated, optional component of Document Locator that incorporates copies of email communications within a unified system of all documents and records. Email records receive the same level of concern as other electronic and printed business files. Records are securely managed and searchable from a single location.

e-Discovery, compliance and FRCP

Changes in Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) have placed new demands on businesses and how electronic information is stored and made available through e-discovery. Compliance is a priority for IT and business managers who are facing the added burden, expense, and hassle of locating and processing all the information related to e-discovery requests.

Document Locator improves the management of electronic documents, emails, faxes and scanned paper files so that e-discovery is less burdensome on company resources, and there is less risk of non-compliance. A defined, systematic approach to electronic storage, archiving, and retrieval in Document Locator offers the following benefits:

  • Faster searching, reporting, and analysis of information
  • Legal file hold management
  • Security, file version history, and logging of actions
  • Classification, organization, and delivery of files
  • Email message journaling, with attachments

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