Video: Document Change Control

Change is occurring faster than ever. Document change control procedures must be automated to keep up with the pace of change and the ever increasing demands of regulatory compliance. Watch this brief introduction to learn the benefits of managing change control procedures in a closed-loop system.


Manufacturers worldwide face unprecedented rates of change.
Regulations, Competition, Innovation;
Change is occurring at a faster pace.
Are your change control procedures able to keep up?
With such rapid change, do you have the agility to stay ahead of market demands?
Do your change management methods safeguard against all the risk?
ColumbiaSoft’s enterprise document control system can help.
It offers an out-of-the-box, structured methodology that automates document change control to meet the demands of quality programs and continuous improvement in a faster world.
And because it’s built right into Microsoft Windows, it makes electronic document change control easy.
In a closed-loop system,
Document revision levels,
Change control numbers,
Effective dates,
Revision authorship;
Everything is precisely recorded.
Role based workflows enforce best practices and consistency.
Automated review and approval process support regulatory compliance.
And, reporting provides insightful visibility over the entire change order process.
Change is rapid. You cannot afford to lag behind.
Speed up product innovation and beat competitors to market.
Avoid matters that might bring regulators knocking on your door.
Become a resilient, agile operation.
Enterprise document control from ColumbiaSoft.