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“Help! I can’t find the file!”

It can take a lot of time to find a document. Who knows if it was lost, misfiled years ago, or even if it ever existed?

You’ve got data under control in the membership records system… but what about all the correspondence, grievance documents, applications, certifications… all the paper records that have to be kept on file?

Filing cabinets are a cluttered way to store important union files. And shared networks lack the control to keep everything in order.

Document Locator is a document management system that unions use to manage files electronically. Paper is converted to full-text searchable digital files that are easy-to-find and totally secure.

Applications, letters, faxes, virtually every member file is managed electronically.

Staff can access member documents remotely from outside the office.

And files can even be connected with records in the membership system.

With everything built right inside Windows Explorer… It’s so easy, people already know how to use it.

And with a powerful SQL backend, you have confidence knowing everything is secure.