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AP Invoice Automation turns paper-based invoice processing into an organized, structured system. Invoices arriving by paper, fax, email, or FTP are quickly converted into the digital system, routed for approval, and readied for processing. Notifications and email alerts keep everyone informed, while reports add visibility throughout.


The most difficult challenge with Accounts Payable, is what to do with all the paper invoices.

Filing invoices is time-consuming, Routing them around manually is slow, And getting Approvals for payment is a paper-chase.

AP management can have big impacts on the company’s bottom line. Routing paper can cause delays. And lost invoices and errors are all too common. It’s hard to validate with 3-way matching, And check re-issues are costly.

The problem with paper is, everything is a slow and manual task. Paper invoices are hard to route and file. It’s difficult to search filing cabinets. Time is wasted. Invoices routed for approval pile up and get lost That’s when vendors start calling.

ColumbiaSoft’s AP Invoice Automation solution offers a better way. Invoices are digitally converted and everything is full-text searchable. Workflow automates routing and approval. You have complete control over payment cycles, And reporting tracks it all. Visibility and oversight are vastly improved.

Three options… a standard edition for filing; an advanced edition for approvals: and a team edition for multi-step workflows, give you flexibility to choose a system that matches your own needs.

Everything is integrated into Windows, so invoice automation is easy to use.

In the standard Filing Edition… Invoices arriving by paper and electronic sources are quickly brought in the system and made full text searchable. PO numbers, invoice numbers, amounts, and other index values are quickly captured using a built in Profiler. Auto-naming and filing puts each invoice into its correct digital order package. Everything is saved electronically and is easy to retrieve.

In the Advanced Edition… Invoices are routed for approval. Index values are verified beforehand, and rejected invoices are held for additional review. Approvers are notified with alerts and emails. Every approval is captured electronically. The risk of lost, misplaced, or forgotten files is eliminated.

In the Team Edition with advanced workflow… Routing decisions based on variables such as dollar amount or spending authority determine if any additional approval steps are necessary. With invoices approved for payment, data is ready for export to accounting applications.

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