Document Locator Reviews

What customers say in their reviews of document management using Document Locator.

"What is truly universal, no matter what business you’re in, is that when you have easy access to information, you’ll use it to your advantage."

Dr. Robert Marlan, MD
Case Study

"Document Locator was very easy to set up and it’s very easy to use. There wasn’t a steep learning curve like there was with some of the other applications we looked at. We didn’t need to have people sit through days of training before using the system."

Bruce Hays
The Anspach Effort, Inc.
Case Study

"Document Locator produced an immediate savings of time, and the bonus was that we recovered space by eliminating filing cabinets equal to an entire office, which was significant in terms of the value of downtown office space."

Troy Schneiter
Horizon House
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"Document Locator is not only saving us money from shipping and labor, but the more important benefit is that decisions are made faster."

Michael Quiner
Whitman College
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"Like adding additional functionality on top of the familiar file server."

Greg Gould
Burns & McDonnell Engineering
Case Study

"Conservatively, I’d estimate we’re seeing a 60 - 80% overall improvement in productivity."

Daryl Price
Claremont Group
Case Study

"More than 15 document management companies we spoke with said their system was easy-to-install, easy-to-setup, and easy-to-use, but we narrowed the list to just a few right away based on who were willing to prove their claim. In a side-by-side trial among our top-two choices, we chose Document Locator because it met all our requirements and was particularly easy to set-up."

Dennis Daigger
Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office
Case Study

"Over the years we’ve developed thousands of AutoCAD drawings. Prior to installing Document Locator we sometimes spent 20 minutes searching for the right drawing. Today we can find any drawing in seconds using full-text searching."

Daniel J. Louque Jr
Quality Machine
Case Study

"We are now finding documents in seconds versus the 10 minutes it used to take to manually walk to the file cabinet, find a document and then return it."

Kevin Noall
Genesis Financial Solutions

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"We wondered, how difficult would it be to scan our car deals and get rid of the paper? We found out, with help from ColumbiaSoft, that it wasn’t all that difficult. It was pretty easy to do."

Robb Walther
Bob Lanphere Enterprises
Case Study

"When I discovered the ability of Document Locator to automatically scan, index and create full text searches, I was sold on the product."

Ken Burgener
North Davis County Sewer District
Case Study

"Great team, great product with an abundance of features. We are pleased to have you on board and are quickly learning the benefits of Document Locator and using them to save time at our office."

Nathan Needham
Attorney at Law

"We were fully migrated from our old solution into Document Locator well ahead of schedule with no major issues! ColumbiaSoft implemented several improvements to the way we were managing our documents that greatly improved the way we get things done. It was one of the easiest migrations I've done this year!"

Information Technology Manager
Sun City Roseville