Document Locator enables ICEC to handle its email.

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International Marketing

Critical Issue

Organizing and managing large volumes of email communications that serve as sales records.


Incorporating email within a document management system that automatically captures, organizes, and full-text indexes messages, making them easy to find.


Instant searchability of emails and attachments, and structured organization of email records.

ICEC is a global leader in the international marketing of fertilizer and fertilizer raw materials. They are based in Houston TX with offices around the world. Email is the preferred method of communication between ICEC's traders and their customers. ICEC uses Microsoft Exchange/Outlook for email. Jeremy Sheppe, Vice President, estimates ICEC sends and receives between 400 to 500 customer-related emails per day. A typical sale usually has about 200 emails associated with it. ICEC retains these emails as records of the sale. Due to the growing volume of messages, it was becoming a real problem to store, organize, and find the right message when they needed it.

To solve this problem, ICEC installed Document Locator with the optional Email Rules Module. Document Locator provides many advanced features that have allowed ICEC to speed up the capture and automatic indexing of the emails and attachments. As emails are saved into the system, Document Locator automatically captures the sender, receiver, date, and subject as index properties of each email. Plus, it full-text indexes the entire email, including attachments.

Document Locator provides a powerful search console that allows users to search on index properties or text in the body of the email or the attachment that allows them to find documents in seconds rather than minutes. Document Locator's properties can be mapped as column headings in Windows Explorer, so as messages are saved into the system the properties automatically appear in the columns—which gives users quick information about the email. ICEC has deployed Document Locator to about 60 users. Their installation is running on Windows 2003/SQL Server Enterprise Edition using a Dell server for clustering.