HR Document Management at NHRMA 2018

HR Document Management NHRMA 2018
HR Document Management Webinar HR Document Management Software NHRMA 2018

Manage employee files and automate onboarding with
HR document management solutions in Document Locator.

HR File Management

Securely store and manage employee files with consistency and organization

Onboarding with e-Forms

Automate onboarding procedures with electronic forms and workflow.

Policies and procedures

Manage employee manuals, policies, templates, and work instructions.

“We’re organizing the chaos, getting everything into Document Locator where you can find it more easily, and it’s more secure and safer.”

Director of IT
West-Central Independent Living Solutions

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HR Document Management

Manage HR files electronically and improve efficiency.
Filing cabinets are eliminated and everything is secure.


Microsoft Windows integrated

Built inside Microsoft Windows Explorer, Document Locator has familiar navigation, right-click menus, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Improve compliance

Record a history of every action, and capture a complete record of approvals and acknowledgements.

Automate procedures

Use workflow to route files for review and approval, eliminating the need to send and track files manually.

Simplify retention

Hold employee records in compliance with retention requirements using electronic records policies.

Search in seconds

Find what you are looking for with full-text and keyword searching, with search terms highlighted.

Remote Web access

Extend the reach of information beyond the office walls. Authorized users can access files from any location on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.




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