Member and Organization Document Management

Member organizations of all types manage documents, member records, and operational files with greater ease in an electronic membership document management system.

Member organizations, labor unions, promotion boards, and associations and non-profits are using Document Locator to improve access to files so staff can make faster decisions, member inquiries can be responded to quicker, and time is saved filing and retrieving member records.

Member organizations get organized

  • Respond to member inquiries faster with instant search and retrieval of member files and organization records
  • Make more accurate decisions with access to all the related information
  • Capture paper records electronically for storage, routing or approval
  • Offer secure, self-service access to documents and files
  • Manage member records of all types, including: applications, disputes, correspondence, grievances, actions, rulings, etc

Optional integration unifies documents with member records

Member files can be associated with their counterpart records in the membership database platform, making it easier to file and find documents when you need them. Several integration options are possible, including PowerSearch, ODBC, and SDK-API.

Electronic forms speed member requests

The addition of electronic forms speeds form processing and reduces errors in form request procedures. Members submit requests in a browser-based eform. The complete form submission (including attachments) is immediately saved in the member records management system. There is no need to re-key or manually re-enter form information. Form processing begins at once, with automated workflow handling the routing of form information for reviews and approvals.

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