Debt collectors improve the bottom line with document management

Turn paper to paperless in debt collections using document management in tandem with debt collection software.

Document Locator improves agency efficiency, compliance administration, accounting, HR, and more. It's a paperless solution that goes beyond imaging to provide advanced features that effectively manages all documents, emails, faxes, and electronic files in the collections agency or department.

How fast can your agents find the document?

Locating documents instantly on demand, when an agent is on the phone handling a call or dispute, is one of several ways your team will benefit from using Document Locator in alignment with your debt collection agency software.

  • Find documents in seconds rather than minutes using a powerful search engine
  • Scan, profile and full-text index paper documents, including scanned documents from existing file storage
  • Eliminate offsite document storage and recover office floor space
  • Improve customer service by finding documents right away
  • Automatically save email and attachments
  • Automate business processes with workflows for document routing, reviews and approvals
  • Automatically build complete folder structures as new debtor files arrive
  • Enforce confidentiality with full security and auditing


“Document Locator has improved customer service, reduced our costs, and helped us better comply with state and federal regulations. With the emphasis we place on responding to our customers and to the marketplace, this innovation gives us a critical and distinctive advantage in our industry. There is no substitute for having the right information at your fingertips.”

Irving Levin, CEO/founder, Genesis Financial Solutions


Get instant access to debtor files

Cut minutes to seconds and give agents instant access to view and print all source documents and client files. Real-time search-speed, with sub-second results, provides on-demand access to client records, invoices, and statements. Debtor disputes are handled on-the-fly, and recoveries are accelerated.

Collectors access hundreds of client files and source documents each day to resolve disputes and make recoveries. Locating paper records in file cabinets can take several minutes, or even worse - several days when documents are warehoused off-site. Filing, handling and routing of paper documents is slow, costly and labor-intensive.

Optional remote access can even allow employees traveling or working outside the office to access files. You control who has access. Vendors and clients may also have access, promoting efficient self-service that eliminates the disruption for employees in the office to retrieve and send files.

Maintain records in compliance with collections regulations

Effective document control improves compliance with everything from PPMS, to Sarbanes-Oxley, to HIPAA, to other state and federal regulations.

Document Locator works in tandem with your debt collection software, so you can be certain of your agency’s continued compliance with regulations by providing the ability to manage compliance program documentation and maintain control over supporting collections documents. Security, version control, audit logging, workflow, and reporting improves your ability to effectively manage everything from policies and procedures, to work constructions, to client records.

Collections accounting records gets organized

Maintain good accounting practices and make sure that records of every invoice generated and bill paid is digitally filed and available for future audits, customer/vendor questions, and compliance. Out-going invoices, incoming bills, and customer checks are automatically digitized and made available when needed in the future. As information is saved, metadata is automatically read, making searching and filing fast and efficient.

The necessary filing of a continuous flow of invoices, payments, and check receipts consumes valuable accounting man-hours. Locating and pulling filed copies later to answer questions costs even more in employee time. Using Document Locator, all out-going payments, incoming invoices, and customer checks are automatically digitized and made available instantly, on-demand, when needed in the future. Each document is scanned and metadata is captured. For example, client number, invoice number, and dollar amount can be automatically captured and associated with each scanned invoice. A simple search using any meta-data tags instantly returns all the relevant documents.

Keep collections agents informed

Keep employees up-to-speed with the latest company policies, bring new employees on-board quicker, and control the administrative processes that drive a successful workforce. Training manuals, collectors’ manuals, company policies, and operational documents are easily maintained and distributed to all employees. Administrative forms such as time-off requests, expense reports, and employee reviews are efficiently routed, approved, and filed.

Document Locator helps you manage critical administrative documents with version control, approval and notification workflow, and efficient document filing that keeps employees informed and you in control of processes.

Debt collection archives

In collections, there is a lot of paper. Agents request dozens of client source documents be pulled and re-filed every day in their race to recover debt. Added to this river of documents are reports, accounting files, and compliance materials. The direct cost of records-keeping and archiving builds over time, as expanding file cabinets consume valuable office space, and off-site storage fees add-up. The cost of time wasted on labor-intensive filing and re-filing of paper documents is enormous. Document Locator allows you to efficiently manage all documents digitally, saving time and money in the storage of records. Plus, records are more easily recoverable in the event of a disaster.


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