Document subscriptions maintain awareness

Stay informed when changes, updates, or other important events occur with document subscription notifications.

Document subscriptions help keep people aware of changes, updates, or other important events that occur in Document Locator. For example, you can automatically receive email notifications every time a certain document is modified, or when a new document is added to a project folder. You can also automatically notify a workflow process or third party system to launch an action.

The event subscription feature in Document Locator lets administrators and users alike subscribe to a full range of important document and folder related events. For example:

  • Receive automatic notifications when high-priority documents are changed.
  • Stay informed when new files are added to client or project folders.
  • Monitor specific user access to review processes are on schedule.
  • In combination with workflow, automatically launch custom actions based on event subscriptions such as document workflows or third-party system updates.

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