A reliable document management solution.

With a foundation on proven Microsoft SQL Server technology, information in Document Locator® is always accessible, safe, and recoverable. Microsoft continually works to maintain SQL Server as a bullet-proof application, and provides numerous tools to help manage issues outside of the database such as power failure, hard-disk failures, unauthorized access attempts, etc. The Document Locator system is rigorously tested, with a record of solid compatibility and high performance in current Microsoft computing environments.

  • Support for clustered environments that provide automatic failover protection in situations of hardware failure.
  • Support for RAID-based disk storage options that allow users to “hot swap” disk drives.
  • Database mirroring to provide a real-time duplicated copy of the database.
  • Configurable database maintenance plans that allow for automatically scheduled backups of the database and transaction logs.
  • Provides military-grade internal security to protect against unauthorized user access.